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Wind, Space & Rythm is an exploration of introspective emotions; sensual, melancholic, philosophical and spiritual. A spellbinding beat builds on sound textures that result in a spatial experience of the imagination. It is an invitation to find peace in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Dans ce nouvel album l'artiste explore diverses émotions : sensualité, mélancolie, philosophie et spiritualité.

Des rythmes envoutants, une texture sonore unique issus de son univers et de son imagination, nous invitent à cultiver la paix en soi et la paix autour de soi.

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"Arashkha's music (Ex EKOVA) is a synthesis of a singular journey, a luxuriant addition of soothing and bewitching melodies, a thousand miles from the Iranian classical repertoire, yet it remains faithful to the Persian tradition, all imbued with Sufi poetry and spirituality.


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It’s in Reunion Island that the Iranian, Arash Kalatbari has lived since 2001, and has recorded his new album, Isis Island. An electro-world album enriched by his numerous journeys, either real or imaginary.



His first trip, that of his childhood, had him leave Teheran in 1984, five years after the Iranian Revolution and in the middle of the Iran- Iraq war. At 14 he had his first taste of Paris, the city of a thousand sounds and a thousand cultures....

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